Training Saves Lives

From ACOs to kennel attendants, rescue groups to shelter volunteers, nothing saves more at-risk animals’ lives than the quality care given by those individuals who have received formalized training.

Training Saves Lives

Animal Care Training Programs

As the leading provider of shelter training resources for over a decade, ACT offers on-demand web-based and DVD video libraries to help save more lives.

Animal Care Training Programs

Online and DVD Training Solutions

ACT makes it easy to implement training by offering solutions to customize your formalized training program to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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ACT Training

Create custom training plans

Now you can add your own training materials to the hundreds of video resources developed by ACT to create powerful training plans for your volunteers and staff! The ACT online training system gives you individual online account access, built-in testing and reporting features for easy implementation and accountability.

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What Our Clients Say

Online volunteer training has significantly helped improve Oakland Animal Services volunteer program… We highly recommend integrating online training for any volunteer program.

– Megan Webb, Oakland Animal Services -

Training Saves Lives…

Training ACOs, kennel attendants, rescue groups and shelter volunteers is one of the most important investments any organization can make. Nothing saves more at-risk animals’ lives than quality care made possible through formalized training. Animal Care Training has been the leading provider of shelter training resources for over a decade offering on-demand web-based and DVD video libraries.Training is important because it creates a more skilled environment, improving all aspects of your organization from better medical care for the animals in your care to more efficient and effective communication among staff and volunteers. Training allows a person to gain an understanding of their particular job and procedures before providing the services hands on. ACT will help you provide a high quality training resource for your organization that has proven to be the most effective training resource available on the market today!